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     The land records site is intended to be a general guide to property and land information, and does not represent a survey of real property nor should it be used or referenced to for conveyance of real property, guaranteeing title thereto or making official determinations of building development, permitting or other activity.  Contact the appropriate County Department to obtain original source documents or for official determinations.
     This information has been developed from various sources and although efforts have been made to ensure accuracy and reliability; errors, omissions and variable conditions originating from compilation and sources used to develop the information may be reflected herein. In addition, land information is constantly changing and the most current or accurate data might not be represented herein.
     The information (maps and databases) accessible through this site is represented “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. No guarantee of accuracy, completeness or currentness is granted nor is any responsibility for reliance thereon assumed.
     The user assumes the entire risk as to the quality, use and reliability of the entire information herein. Vilas County does not accept any liability for damages or misrepresentation of any kind caused by the inaccuracies in the information and in no event shall Vilas County, its elected or appointed officials or employees and any third party be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages of any kind.

Interactive GIS Maps

There are three levels of map services available, which vary by function and content:

For users interested in parcel, road, water or zoning. Recommended for those users with dial-up internet access.

For users looking for measurements, GPS information and imagery, in addition to basic data. Recommended for surveyors and realtors.

For users interested in all available County datasets. Recommended for users with broadband internet access.

Usage: Initial load time of interactive map page may take a few minutes, depending on internet connection speed. Subsequent usage should be markedly faster. Maps can be panned, zoomed, searched and printed using the provided toolbars and menu options. Map layers can also be turned on and off by using the check boxes in the left pane of the page. Search results can be turned on and off using the check boxes in the results pane, or zoomed to by right-clicking on the result. More advanced help is available through the map service.

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Paper Maps

For those interested in Vilas County's official paper maps (parcel, address and zoning) converted to PDF format and arranged by municipal town and section/town/range, you can access them here.

Address Maps

Zoning Maps

Parcel Maps